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We suggest that you come and visit us first! Then, you will have to forward us your completed enrollment form. Should you have any question about this process, do not hesitate to contact our manager, Ashley Corbière.

The daycare is open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Yes. However, we give priority to families who wish to enroll their child full-time.

Yes. We have a cook onsite who prepares meals and snacks every day and makes sure to serve healthy and diverse food. This service is included in the daycare fees.

Food allergies and special dietary needs must be recorded on the enrollment form. Staff and parents will talk about serious food restrictions and the severity of each case. We chose to have a nut-free environment for our program. Foods containing nuts are therefore prohibited. Because of possible allergic reactions and other regulations pertaining to food that we have to comply with, parents are not allowed to bring any food in the daycare.

So as to protect the children who are in our care, we have strict guidelines about illnesses. If, at any time, the manager or the educator believes that a child is too sick or too contagious, she must exercise her right to exclude this child from the daycare on a temporary basis. We recommend that parents find someone who would be available to take care of their child if he or she is too ill to come to daycare and they cannot be absent from work.

Yes, but we will only administer drugs that have a prescription and that are in their original packaging. Furthermore, parents have to complete and sign an authorization form to administer medications, which will be done under certain conditions –reference to parental guide.

Yes, regular fees apply. Please let the manager know via email if your child is not going to attend.

Parents can apply for subsidies online at www.albertasupports.ca, by phone at 1-877-644-9992 or by sending a request to the following address:


Human Services
PO Box 1641, Station M
Edmonton, AB T5J 2N9

Fax: 780‑422‑5692
Email: hs.childcaresubsidy@gov.ab.ca


Parents are responsible for contacting the subsidies Administration, for complying with all the requirements set by the subsidies Administration and for making sure that all their data are correct and updated.

Around mid-November, the manager usually sends a survey to the parents asking them to tell us what days they will need the daycare service. If feasible, we will try and accommodate as many parents as possible around Christmas time.


Please note that the daycare is closed on December 24th, 25th, 26th and December 31st, as well as January 1st and January 2nd.

Civic holiday (August)

Labour Day (September)

Family Day (February)

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Victoria Day

Canada Day (July 1st)

Thanksgiving Monday

Remembrance Day (November 11)

Having the right framework is very important for the social development of children. As mentors, we want to guide and reorient certain behaviours, as well as set boundaries, which is an important part of our program. Rules and boundaries are communicated verbally to the children who attend daycare and a visual aid is posted as well. Educators take into account the different lifestyles of the children, since their environment at home can have an impact on their behaviours. Educators can also ask the families to help them communicate expectations and boundaries to the children – reference to parental guide.

During the day, we always appreciate parents calling us to talk about their child’s achievements in our program. The educators at La garderie Les petits oursons makes it their priority to communicate with the parents on a daily basis whether it’s verbally during drop off or pick up and through the Hi Mama application. Parents receive information about their child’s day such as activities, meals and nap. Parents are encouraged to comment pictures or communicate with the educators through the application.

We are open to any feedback and participation from the parents. Moreover, we always encourage parents to put their name forward for the consultative committee so as to be able to give ideas and feedback about the program and the goals of the program.

We think that playing outside is very important for the development of children, as they learn by interacting with their environment. When children play outdoors, they generally do activities that help them develop their fine-motor skills, socialize with other children and get to know their natural environment. The time that we spend playing outside depends on the weather. In the wintertime, children only play outside if it is safe to do so; in the summer, children must wear a hat. Parents must provide their own sunscreen (because of allergies) and sunscreen cannot come in a spray can. If the weather is very hot, children will get more water to drink so as to stay hydrated. Our outdoors play equipment complies with the CSA standards.

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