About us

Our mission

Offer the best educational service possible

Our educational programming is very well structured and incorporates a daily schedule and routine. Your child will benefit from a plethora of activities. Our environment is inclusive, caring, safe, diversified and meets the needs of families – the well-being of your child is always our priority.


Promote the French language
– Develop a durable bilingualism one brick at a time

We value different activities based on the children’s interests, but always in French so that your child is fully stimulated. Together, we build the foundations of their future success and bilingualism while taking into consideration the progression of each child.


Helping children reach their full potential

We help your child develop his or her full potential thanks to plenty of gratifying experiences. Every day that your child spends in daycare is another step towards his or her full development – this is at the heart of our approach. Your child will develop his or her own talents, self-esteem, independence, as well as aquire all the necessary skills to do well in school in the future. We work passionately each and every day so that your child is fulfilled. We know for sure that, no matter their age, when children are comfortable, they can explore different aspects of their full potential. Together, with you, we create a beautiful performance for which your child is the key player.

Our vision

Our values

Growing together is the key.

Children are at the heart of the daycare’s mission and our wonderful and ambitious team works hard to offer children and their family the best environment and service possible according to our values.


Daycare Les petits oursons puts respect at the heart of everything so that educators, parents and children can have the best relationship possible.


Each child is unique and has more than one dimension. Each child is a valuable individual, with his or her own strengths, abilities and positive potential to grow. Daycare Les petits oursons believes that each child should be able to trust himself or herself and develop his or her own self-esteem.


At daycare Les petits oursons, children learn by exploring, discovering and playing independently. They are free to chose between a set of activities and learning opportunities. As a result, they establish their own level of development, they are encouraged to become independent and accountable at their own pace, which creates a sense of respect and belonging to their community.


Daycare Les petits oursons knows how creativity can benefit your child. His or her creativity is fuelled by discoveries. Your child will be curious and interested by all the aspects of his or her environment. Our team puts each child’s curiosity first so that your child can have fun, be happy and overcome any obstacle that will push him or her to excel.


Daycare Les petits oursons creates a caring and safe environment and organizes activities aiming to provide a full positive development while reinforcing the principle of inclusion. Inclusion means that we all help each other and we are all accountable so as to work for the well-being of your child. Each of our educators bring something different and dynamic that participates in the integration of the children and their success.

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